Monday, February 22, 2010


My first post on 'Blogger'.. very exciting and great sense of accomplishment. You see, I've attempted this 3 times but had fried my brain in the process. A lovely husband, (not my own) of a good friend set-up my original blog which was awesome & I've had fun building buttt... error, error, error! Without fail I would log in and it would go a bit nutty - so back to the original blogger baby which I am conquering a bit more, by bit.
Without Mr.C's help, I think I would have remained anonymous and stupified by the task at hand. So Kudos to you and all of the helpful husbands & partners out there!... maybe I can lend mine out to return the karmic favour?! 

Well Happy Reading, and until I figure out how to import my old blog deets...go to the link above or here, and if you really like what you see.. then check out here, and here!

Hope to see you back soon!!

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