Friday, November 26, 2010


I can't believe Christmas is just around the next corner. Our lives it would seem, from late October, if not August have been full speed!! And although the end of the year is coming with screaming ferocity, I can't help but start thinking about what I have achieved this year, weighing up what I have done, what was planned and what actually got done! I know I'm not the only one. This time of self depriction and reflection is inevitable.. and I for one think it's a phenomenon of the human condition.


And different for each of Us.

What drives you to think about change? Life, lack of things, sense of necessity?? What is it for you?


Me? Well I can always think of things that I havn't done.
My mind constantly spews forth (for want of a better word) ridiculous amounts of designs/innovations/products/arts and crafts.. adjoined then, by the depths of my soul piping a soothing soft voice I havn't heard for a while, more needs and wants from the places I neglect like more drawing/reading/crafting/outdoors!/exercise/meditation and self nurturing activities to best make something further of my life as it is. So how much time do we have really? My thoughts wander to the families in Greymouth, NZ and how they didn't know what was to come next?! And the reality is well, we've all thought it, attempted it, maybe live it, and that is to take each day as it comes and treat it and the people you know in it, like it's your last...because we don't know.

So I think that is my answer to the question I posed earlier. What drives you
 to think about change?
Mortality -

Consumerism, Commercialism and Advertising tells us we can't have enough. That you don't have what you need to be beautiful or socially enviable or successful so, to consume more. To buy more to live well and feel like you're living.. but really it's a trick. A Hoax with a capital 'H'. We waste time doing all these things and being remote controlled when finding out what really matters to you, goes by the wayside and submerged in the discarded wrappings of your newest exciting purchase only leave you deflated. The feeling never stays, and unless you wake up to what is 'Real' to you, what makes you 'Sing'.. then you don't have longevity you have slumps and voids and most certainly find something to replace that elevating feeling through purchase or consuming or just plan old ignorance and miss exaclty what you're looking for because you can't focus.

So now some homework. Look at what is directly in front of you, focus on it, where did it come from and what did you buy it for/when was the last time you focussed on it's details/smiled or gave a compliment or uplifting sentiment, thanks or praise to those with you? And around you. What are you grateful for? And soon you will notice the facades and veils fall away from your eyes to discover the life you've been living and then it's time for that change, you have found your focus, your song and true needs to live the true life you've been purchasing for... it's been in front of you all along xoxo

 May Happy Holidays lead you into your New Year gently and reassuringly into the life that is waiting!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So we've entered the new world of 'Syndication' by linking our Facebook page with live streaming of this blog! Well I never and have been praying for this day to come!

More live feed, more time, more photos and less procrastination because the little chug that could just couldn't because there was just not enough time...turn the corner and here we are! Exceeellent!

And so here we are, with many many avenues to link; 1  one, 2 cameras and a usb full of delicious content..stay tuned as our world turns to a little bit wonderful in my books :) I hope this brings you  as much joy as much as it does me.

Monday, August 16, 2010


This day rolls around like a noose on ones neck, to start the week fresh and look at what's next. Towards horizons anew..

My Sundays always mark the end of my family weekend, something I cherish more then most things and wish not to end... people are relaxed and days travel long, but Sunday bloody Sunday is the reminder of work to come and flatness to be had and things to be conquered all over again...

Let's hope tomorrow is sunny and Monday is a new start to the miserable dank weather of today to kick start my butt into a reverent Tuesday, Wednesday Thurs.... Springtime and on!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Okay Ladies and Gents, we are gearing up for the warmer weather now, can you feel it? It's wonderful catching the sun these days and I hope you are all taking advantage of it! The Hatchery is in the throws of making new designs and choosing fabrics for it's Spring/Summer collection, so stay tuned while I prod the bear and wake us up from hybernation!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Catch-Up Weekend.....

So this weekend is hopefully a bit about catching up with me, you and things in general. I shall be attending the Parkdale Community Market, Parkdale Primary School, on April 17th, Saturday. Then June 13th, The Childrens Markets in Mordialloc again - where hopefully our New Autumn/Winter range shall be ready! Yay. I'm waiting for a call from Jenny at Amitie for her delivery of Kokka prints... new patterns and fabrics, feverishly exciting!

I received my package from Jodie at The Haby Goddess and purchased this fabric, that fabric, this pattern and this creative little thing - can't wait to whip up a stamp or two!

Enjoy your weekend xxx

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What a weekend..

This weekend was action packed! It alway amazes me how enduring women can be no matter what goes on in their lives. This post is dedicated to my sister who has had a weekend just like this. Her selflessness, endurance, amazing coping mechanisms and dedication to her family have been unwavering - you are my inspiration Angela and someone I continue to admire. Love You xxx

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Off to Market we go...

So it's been a while.. I have had withdrawals from not posting. Trying to focus on this weekends market!! The Mordialloc Festival By The Bay...over 80 market stalls on the Sunday from 10am till 4pm. A big day as 20,000 to 30,000 people attend each year.. geepers!

So here are some things I've been working on since I spoke to you last. Let me know what you think, I love feedback!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Not my giveaway... but we scratch each others backs around here! Come check out Handmade Kids for your chance to win a gorgeous Saffron Craig Fabric, you won't be disappointed if you win. Goodluck..
(I've entered 3 times, so let's hope the odds are with me hehe)!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This is my fav pic with Ava's fluffly bed hair all a-glow in the morning sun as she trots down the drive.

Toosie Time

Tooshie detail, check out that nappy butt - can you see the pin tuck detail? Exclusive to The Hatchery...let baby leave the room with style!

Side Detail with Toothbrush

The 'Paris' Twinset is born...again, they seriously do not go out of Fashion

So this is what I whipped up! Nope, no designs drawn just an image in mind which I hatched out during craft class last night, and then finished when I got home that night... much to the encouragement of young Mrs. C who said to definately make matching bloomers. After a quick one on one tutorial, this is what I made - tweeked to evoke the Hatchery's style.

Monday, February 22, 2010

3 weeks and counting till mecca market...

'Mordiallocs Festival By The Bay' is only 3 weeks away and the idea of what I've got to do is a little daunting! Still thrusters on hey?! But today I've lost my puff... I might draw the designs for these size 1 + 2 singlets I bought on the weekend and give them a whirl.

...hmmm didn't last long

:: After a walk and lunch at the beach, playground stop-off, a cuppa with a friends MIL (mother in-law) whilst Little A played with 'Che'..we're all a little pooped now. Contemplating going out for dinner, but right now might be a good time for a Berocca to keep me going!

Mondayitis Begone!

So far Monday is working out to be quite cheerful... as my daughter pokes her pencil into my keyboard, hint, hint - crayons and pencils being her new best friends along with a velour doll my Mum got her for Christmas.


My first post on 'Blogger'.. very exciting and great sense of accomplishment. You see, I've attempted this 3 times but had fried my brain in the process. A lovely husband, (not my own) of a good friend set-up my original blog which was awesome & I've had fun building buttt... error, error, error! Without fail I would log in and it would go a bit nutty - so back to the original blogger baby which I am conquering a bit more, by bit.
Without Mr.C's help, I think I would have remained anonymous and stupified by the task at hand. So Kudos to you and all of the helpful husbands & partners out there!... maybe I can lend mine out to return the karmic favour?! 

Well Happy Reading, and until I figure out how to import my old blog deets...go to the link above or here, and if you really like what you see.. then check out here, and here!

Hope to see you back soon!!