Monday, February 27, 2012

Lots has been happening since omg - July!! I can't believe it's been that long! It's not like I have been sitting still but can sheepishly say that I spent a lot of 2011 worrying about things??? Go figure and isn't hindsight a beautiful bitch of a thing.
Venturing forward it seems I have acquired more skills in the realms of fancy, that being the ability to let things go....!

Some days you just cannot do anything about circumstances but accept them and then remarkably they go away (or at least make more sense and don't seem so glaringly bad). There's a lot to be said for analysing things too much..something both my Father and partner tell me frequently. Begrudgingly I tell you this because I enjoy the breaking down of things - and more recently my sis' Jessie Jean stated that I've always liked, if not seek, a challenge. This would have to be true I suspect - recapping 2011..

~ I continued sewing sporadically - loosing my mojo through distraction in the beginning of the year;
~ Some Markets here, some markets there -  too scared to dive into the Markets I really wanted to be apart of - over thinking things here at the time that is < restless!!
~ All the while courting a career in Tupperware and getting off to a screaming start. It seems that I am a natural! Who knew?!
~ Creativity took a back seat while I tackled at conquered the world of plastic, promoting myself to Manager and achieving a company car all within 6 mths...but
...missing the stitching, aching for the fabric stash...
~ Now I possess every gorgeous piece of Tupperware I could want (much to Andrew's chagrin, we need more storage; bigger home please!)

and now because I fear that I will go on and bore the pants of you, a skip, hop and jump to 2012 and I've slowed down the tupps after 14mths to make way for Miss Ava's weekly social program; Playgroup, Kinder, Ballet, Mother's Group, Swimming and Art Classes plus playdates...and now, My very own teaching workshops - FABRIKATION WORKSHOP is born! I have been meeting the most wonderfully chickaroonies! We all love to craft, never have enough time for ourselves and well have kiddie winks. The ol' fashion stitch'n'bitch is back and I'm loving it more then ever!

Week 1 - Felt Embroidered Pin Cushions

Week 1 - Pin Cushion detail

Next semester - Preschool Art Classes and FABRIKATION 'JNR' WORKSHOPS! I'm back on the wagon and oh so grateful for the perspective after some trial and errors of past - bring it on!!

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