Wednesday, November 21, 2012


As this year wraps up it's hard to believe the amount of experiences one goes through to get to this point. I think that's why there is a beginning and an end so that you can start afresh and put things to bed or relive them in a positve way, drawing apon the experience. Either way I think negative or positve, our year's experiences bring us opportunity.
This post is beginning to sound vaguely like last years post too!
To save you dejavu - I'll stop!
This year has brought with it, fruits of my labour and many more things. Specifically people! Doing what you love and enjoy surrounds your with people not unlike yourself. This I am grateful for. FABRIKATION WORKSHOP has done just this!! a fledgling idea, encouraged and nurtured by 2 very good friends who have been there form it's inception. Girls I 'Thank you', and ladies who've taken part since, I continue because of you!!! We have such a great time in our workshops and it has been one of this years joys, to witness the growth, confidence and skills of these women whom I consider friends. A true honour when another person puts you in the teachers' seat and asks you for guidance - albiet, where to put your needle next - it's all relevant to me!
So there you have it - Sewing anyone?
It's not just for the skills it's for the personal make over and rewards that have ensued.






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