Saturday, April 6, 2013

What Stops you?

What stops you from achieving what you want??
I sit here thinking, remembering and digging up the dreams I squash under everyday things. I think this is what stops me from continuing forward. The 'Daily Grind' as they call it.
It is easy to get lost, not in a bad way but, to maybe allow daily routine to fog the glass of vision.
It's there that's for sure, and when I think about where it is I want to be going I think '..ahhh there's that thing I've always wanted to do and achieve, and why haven't I..' etc, etc, etc.
One fact - things don't happen if you don't pursue them in one way or other!!
So, without being too cryptic- I promise to myself to continue on but with daily pause and vision towards this ultimate dream and goal of mine that I simply cannot leave this earth without DOING WELL. Not attempting, but doing it, achieving it and being a success at it.
One terrible man I knew gave me really the only advice he was able too and quite possibly the reason why our paths crossed, and that was.. 'No matter how small or big the job, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing properly'.
For this I thank him because it has stuck, and whilst I don't follow the everyday, in every moment, I am glad for the guidance when I need it. Reassuring me that I do know what the hell I'm doing so just do it already for it's not lack of ability!

'Vision is a quest, get on board or get lost.'
- Sophia

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