Friday, November 26, 2010


I can't believe Christmas is just around the next corner. Our lives it would seem, from late October, if not August have been full speed!! And although the end of the year is coming with screaming ferocity, I can't help but start thinking about what I have achieved this year, weighing up what I have done, what was planned and what actually got done! I know I'm not the only one. This time of self depriction and reflection is inevitable.. and I for one think it's a phenomenon of the human condition.


And different for each of Us.

What drives you to think about change? Life, lack of things, sense of necessity?? What is it for you?


Me? Well I can always think of things that I havn't done.
My mind constantly spews forth (for want of a better word) ridiculous amounts of designs/innovations/products/arts and crafts.. adjoined then, by the depths of my soul piping a soothing soft voice I havn't heard for a while, more needs and wants from the places I neglect like more drawing/reading/crafting/outdoors!/exercise/meditation and self nurturing activities to best make something further of my life as it is. So how much time do we have really? My thoughts wander to the families in Greymouth, NZ and how they didn't know what was to come next?! And the reality is well, we've all thought it, attempted it, maybe live it, and that is to take each day as it comes and treat it and the people you know in it, like it's your last...because we don't know.

So I think that is my answer to the question I posed earlier. What drives you
 to think about change?
Mortality -

Consumerism, Commercialism and Advertising tells us we can't have enough. That you don't have what you need to be beautiful or socially enviable or successful so, to consume more. To buy more to live well and feel like you're living.. but really it's a trick. A Hoax with a capital 'H'. We waste time doing all these things and being remote controlled when finding out what really matters to you, goes by the wayside and submerged in the discarded wrappings of your newest exciting purchase only leave you deflated. The feeling never stays, and unless you wake up to what is 'Real' to you, what makes you 'Sing'.. then you don't have longevity you have slumps and voids and most certainly find something to replace that elevating feeling through purchase or consuming or just plan old ignorance and miss exaclty what you're looking for because you can't focus.

So now some homework. Look at what is directly in front of you, focus on it, where did it come from and what did you buy it for/when was the last time you focussed on it's details/smiled or gave a compliment or uplifting sentiment, thanks or praise to those with you? And around you. What are you grateful for? And soon you will notice the facades and veils fall away from your eyes to discover the life you've been living and then it's time for that change, you have found your focus, your song and true needs to live the true life you've been purchasing for... it's been in front of you all along xoxo

 May Happy Holidays lead you into your New Year gently and reassuringly into the life that is waiting!!

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