Saturday, January 15, 2011

Welcome to A New Year and A... New You!

Metaphorically speaking...
A figure of speech in which a word or phrase that ordinarily designates one thing is used to designate another, thus making an implicit comparison, as in "a sea of troubles" or "All the world's a stage" (Shakespeare).
So you know how I chatted about mortality and such, well did it bite? Did you, or have you gone down the road of betterment to the golden oracle that be your good self in your most perfect and imagined light? Yep?! Me too. Imagery is powerful :) lol. We all want better then before and improvement on the present.. at least in part or maybe I think you might be stretching the truth! Porky pies anyone??
Organisation was the name of my game and starting out well and truly on the right foot I have. Now as time speeds up and the world gets back to it's hectic pace.. you must be careful not to get swept away in it!
New Years aside, guess what I'm doing? Training to be a Tupperware Manager?!!! Well who would have thought, I know many who didn't including myself and with that being the element of snobbery that you chase to think you're better then a situation, well you won't hear any complaints here! Opportunity has fallen in my lap, (though I distinctly remember asking for it, some..thing, 'it' last year to get my sanity back and pop my murky bubble of .."how did I get here?" phase, though not even asking myself that question really and paying attention to it?!
So yeah, I'm officially on my way to being Tupperized. Wow! One thing, I have and have done, did, take, and that is control of my life...here's the real news...I believe it?!! And I now not only know but feel I deserve it! Says she, music pumping windows down happy as a cricket, driving back from Sales Meet from my Kin and like minded they be, bellowing out of the car window - just so i would hear it properly and beleive it.
Yes there are women out there who are in many ways the same but different.. share the same experiences but make it different... have no time but discover time is a trick of the imagination - makes life different! You know when people have told you to scratch the surface to see a truth, THE possible the truth.. I don't know if I truly understood the full meaning, as a paradox until now. We can think so single minded, and do. So one dimensional and exist that way. Believing that this is your lot and that is what life is about, at least your own anyway because we choose to be defined by what we do.. Do this, do that. am this way because of that. won't find more because I don't or can't live outside of the pigeon hole that we build ourselves into.
Our minds being the limitations to any one or all facets of life. Your life, my life.. our friendship etc, and so and so forth. The dimensions and parameters with which you believe are what's holding you back. Your construction of your reality that is responsible for your daily experiences, replays your dirty habits, routines and regurgitates the challenges you see before you. Survival from the mundane. This is your manifestation, therefore yours to control, not leave out of control by allowing it to bounce wildly, get lost or ignored while you blame the world around you. Ego - ouch, a figment of your imagination like border patrol to keep you in check and stay the same so life is predictable controlled internally locking real life out, somewhat pain free and in a mindless manner keeping your fears in check...how terribly boring, mundane and human. For you are a human ..being.

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